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Hot Services
  • Local Store
    Heyxu Store
  • Heyxu Games
    Heyxu Games
  • Astrology
    Heyxu Astrology
  • English Learning
    Heyxu English
  • Business Card
    Through the mobile internet. Heyxu Cloud Business Card offer you a new way to import information to your customer. Let's create your cloud business card and exploring your opportunity of marketing.
  • Forum
    Offering a forum for high-quality service. We combine mobile phone and computer forum to allow people discuss any time any where. Let imagination, cre
  • Horoscopes
    Heyxu Horoscopes,Friends who provided information about 12 constellations, fortune, matching, matching on the advantages and disadvantages of the diff
  • Heyxu Help
    Heyxu Help
  • Social Movement
    Taiwan,Formosa,Student movement
  • Heyxu Jobs
    Heyxu Jobs, Casing, human resources
  • Vogue
    Offering beauty and fasion informations.
  • Heyxu Story
    Stories of Heyxu world.
  • Event
    This is the Heyxu Event Publishing Platform, Provide corporation and groups a way to publishes event to public.
  • Hero Blog
    Heyxu Hero Blog
  • Chinese Medical
    Carry forward the Chinese traditional medical , a long time has been forgotten science with save a lot of people . Wish we can finding friends in this common goal and make a nice environment for discuss.
  • Heyxu Portal
    Let's start enjoy mobile life from Heyxu. Heyxu Portal, Life and Entertainment Platform, Provide information in Taiwan.
  • Housing
    Provide free Rehouse,Housing,rent,sell information post and query in taiwan.
  • Naofe Project
    Provideelectronic commerce website Total solution for Enterprise.
  • Travel
    Tourist attractions
  • Heyxu ADs
Heyxu Allies
  • Madam-Dai Cheongsam
    Madam-Dai Cheongsam
    Madam-Dai Cheongsam and Full Dress
  • MapleRain
    We have Online game Maplestory's Datas like monsters,mission,quests,npcs,maps,weapons,arms,items,potions,professional's informations and forum.
  • Jaby Group
    Jaby Group
    Creative design,Computer repair,Art

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