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Heyxu development log 2019

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Heyxu development log 2019

2019-04 Update log

  1. Automatic management of commodity supply chain - increase the cross-reference management system for commodities and Nouns.
  2. The Noun management system adds graphical and image update capabilities.
  3. Create Add-ons [Quotation System] for the add-on system.

2019-03 Update log

  1. Fixed When the revised Nounis added, the same new vocabulary cannot be added again.
  2. Automatic management of commodity supply chain - establish a commodity reference system.

2019-02 Update log

  1. Correct the icon and title of the subsite added to the main screen in the Manifest action version.
  2. Adjust the main icon of the main & sub-site to logostd.png and use the Thumb mechanism to generate icons of different sizes.

2019-01 Update log

  1. Incorporate the original product feature management into the Noun management system.
  2. A feature word group is added to the vocabulary, such as a specific product model with a specific feature.
  3. Re-adjust the product database to correct the problem of different types of prices. And fix the problem that the thumbnail will be overwritten by the file system if there is a picture in the file system when the product is stored.
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